Dokyun LimDr. Dokyun David Lim is an energetic and active speaker in Korea and the United States. Dr. Lim holds MDiv, ThM and PhD from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. His main research for the PhD was in Homiletics, with a minor major in New Testament study. His dissertation was Text-driven Preaching and the Aurality of the Text. He published and translated several books: Expository Preaching and Generation X, New Expository Preaching(Korean), Text-driven Preaching(Korean), Recapturing the Voice of God(Korean), and A Pastor’s Guide to Text-driven Preaching(Korean).

Before teaching at Korea Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Lim was pastor at Global Mission Church of Greater Washington D.C. and adjunct professor of Homiletics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Washington Baptist University. Additionally, Dr. Lim has served on Korean Track Coordinator of the National Conference on Preaching(NCP) in US and co-representative of the New Expository Preaching Movement in Korea.